About Me

I was born and raised on an acerage just north of the Town of Stony Plain, Alberta. There I had the freedom to have a variety of pets and enjoy the great outdoors instead of seeing rows upon rows of houses such as city life offers. For this I have always been grateful. 


I first started getting into photography when my horse was born in 1998. I felt the beauty, grace, strength, and power of him needed to be captured and remembered. Pictures were able to translate the moments that caught at my heart but that no words could fully describe. He sadly passed away at the young age of 15 on January 3, 2013. He will always be remebered through my momeries and the photos created from them. 


This wonder of photographying my horse has challenged me over the years to capture the same moments and emotions I felt towards other animals and their environments. The way light would play off a forest and highlight the animal hidden within or to get up close and see the emotion in an animals eyes, has been a passion I truly enjoy. 


Many of my photos come from visiting zoos and conservations. It is difficult to see a variety of animals, unless you have an abundance of time and money to tour the world. Sadly I do not have either but still get to see such amazing animals all in one day, at one place. Some of these places hold such great importance on conservation efforts in both keeping a species alive as well as educating their visitors. 

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